Commitment To The Highest Level Of Customer Satisfaction
To ensure success, CalSoft Professional Services provides a world-class services organization to support our global customers and partners on all aspects of CalSoft solutions. Our mission is to provide unparalleled customer service and support.

Through delivery of a comprehensive mix of technical expertise, industry knowledge and a fundamental commitment to success, CalSoft Professional Services provides rapid implementation of a complete and integrated solution, while maintaining overall satisfaction for our customers and partners. In addition, we focus on providing our customers the information and knowledge they need to efficiently and effectively manage the CalSoft solution for their business.

CalSoft Services provides a wide range of business and technical expertise to support our customers and partners during the implementation of solutions. This team brings deep functional and industry knowledge to bear as well as the technical capabilities to deliver premium CalSoft Corp Services for our customers and partners.

CalSoft Contract Engineering Services provides clients with the most highly qualified IT consultants available in the market for their projects and contracts. They recruit, train, and nurture experienced developers, technical architects, database administrators, technical writers, and quality assurance experts. CalSoft 's consultants easily adapt to their new environment, offer value-added strategic insights, and deliver hands-on solutions to daily IT challenges.

In addition to the expertise of their consultants, a significant ongoing investment and commitment to recruiting has always been essential to their rapid growth in partnering with key customers. Today, CalSoft utilizes its extensive network of consulting firms to source the required engineers for clients mission critical projects. They use a rigorous screening process to ensure that each consultant has the required technical expertise and will be the best fit for our clients' environment.

Each CalSoft consultant provides unique talents needed in today's IT environment. These consultants work under the direction of client managers to complement in-house client staff.

CalSoft consultants are versatile. They position individuals in a variety of situations demanding specialized skills across multiple platforms. Working with many different industries and picking up new skills regularly, CalSoft consultants are ready for any challenge. From business analysts to computer programmers, database managers to software engineers, technical writers to project managers, highly trained consultants are available for short term and long-term assignments.