CalSoft's mature and proven onsite - offshore outsourcing model guarantees cost savings upto 35% . We have helped various international organizations setup their Offshore Development Centers to realize high returns on their IT investments.

We currently have Offshore Development Center in India with an experience of setting up and managing number of ODCs for clients around the world. With state-of-the-art communication facilities and infrastructure, our offshore center work as a virtual extension of our client's development environment providing 24x7 service. We have provided a multiplicity of communication channels, automated project management tools, and distributed configuration management tools so that the perceived risk of distance and lack of control is reduced.

Offshore development is based on a long-term relationship with a partner. We believe in building deep bonds with our clients and "virtually" become the extended arm of the client's organization.

We take advantage of the time zone differences throughout the world, which, enable multiple shifts to work continuously on a 24/7 basis. Accelerated delivery of mission-critical applications is the biggest benefit of this.

By utilizing lower cost resources, while maintaining onsite coordination, Our managed software solutions division makes it possible to achieve cost savings of 25% to 35%. By lowering software development costs and the high maintenance costs of legacy systems, we give our clients an edge over competition.

We recognize the importance of security and confidentiality of proprietary information. We have built both physical and information processes to ensure the security and integrity of customer data and applications.

At CalSoft, we have developed a robust methodology that allows us to get projects off the floor swiftly and then proceed on a predictable, low risk path for high quality results. This methodology employs our rich portfolio of reusable components and our distributed development model to offer cost and time benefits to our customers.

The distributed development model is based on our tried and tested methodology that follows these steps:
  1. Scope Signing
  2. Key Personnel Identification
  3. Onsite Knowledge Acquisition
  4. Offsite Simulation
  5. Offsite Infrastructure Setup
  6. Project Plan Signoff
  7. Offsite Team Formation
  8. Offsite Team Training
  9. Offsite Project Execution -Pilot
  10. Offsite Project Execution-Mainstream
We have used this model with great success for customers from diverse industries. For instance, we developed a global, online order management system for a major retailer. All development, integration, system and acceptance testing and warranty support was carried out Offshore. The project was successfully completed in 6 months