MQ Series Developer

Job Responsibilities:
Responsibilities will include developing, implementing and maintaining continuous operation of a global MQ Series application environment. This includes installation, maintenance and customization of all MQ software developments on Windows NT. You will perform highly technical Java and eSQL programming in addition to taking responsibility for MQ Series patches, installs and MQ Application development, in addition to designing, developing, testing and documenting MQSI flows and procedures to ensure business logic and XML mappings.

Technical Proficiencies
The ideal candidate will have 2-3 years hands on experience with MQ Series in a WIN NT environment. Advanced in MQ series programming, patches and installs, and application, development and installations and debugging. Expert at programming level of MQSI (expert at C++), Java, MQ workflows, and MQ monitor. Advanced in MQ installed in an NT environment including performance tuning MQ/NT systems. Intermediate with relational databases (prefer Oracle experience). Intermediate in message broker concepts - XML message based integration structures and data mapping.

If you are interested, please send your resume to