Due to convergence and globalization, financial services delivery channels have broadened and technology is strategically being used for maximizing operational efficiency and improving performance in organizations. Strategic partnerships are turning IT into a competitive advantage for financial corporate. CalSoft is well positioned to assist banks and financial services firms to successfully meet all their technological and business challenges. CalSoft's banking & financial services team is composed of skilled and creative techno financial experts with in-depth financial and banking software related IT experience.

The technical skill set and experience of CalSoft's team ranges from Mainframe-related skills to state-of-the-art n-tier architecture, with specialized expertise in areas like platform migration, web enabling, Data Warehouse, ATMs and PDAs. CalSoft has rich experience in handling large-scale development as well as production support and maintenance projects on all platforms and languages using proven methodologies.

CalSoft's services in this segment are specialized in supporting and maintaining a wide variety of financial applications in both proprietary and off-the-shelf international packages. CalSoft also has in-depth experience in implementing and upgrading IT solutions in multi-location banks.

Our Solutions
CalSoft's Financial Solutions combines extensive industry expertise with technology skills. With our dynamic team of dedicated professionals in this business unit, we are geared to working in a multi-currency, multi-commodity and multi-location environment. Our full service portfolio includes business consultancy, systems integration, application outsourcing and IT infrastructure management.

The key services CalSoft provides:
  • Application maintenance
  • Application development, reengineering and platform migration
  • Web and WAP enabling existing applications
  • Integrating/Interfacing applications on multiple platforms
  • Data warehousing solutions
CalSoft provide solutions for following Financial Sectors:
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Securities & Investment Management

CalSoft helps banks meet the challenges of the Digital Economy and move beyond commodity transaction processing. From custom-built solutions to industry-standard packages, handling legacy systems to getting going with e-business, CalSoft's portfolio covers the depth and breadth of banking requirements.

This includes:

  • Online banking
  • Core banking operations
  • Retail and branch operations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Customer loyalty management
The imminent convergence of the financial market opens tremendous vistas for diversification and cross leveraging. CalSoft provides faster, surer and better IT solutions and services that see insurance companies through all their business challenges. CalSoft's position in this segment has been greatly augmented by not only its team of industry experts, but also by its experience with various players in the insurance value chain. CalSoft recognizes the need to leverage itself on its Extensive Quality process and technical & industry expertise to create solutions that combine the best-breed technologies, e-business capabilities and Service Level Agreements that stand unparalleled in the industry.

Securities and Investment Management
At CalSoft, its team leverages the benefits of proven products and methodologies for our customers in the securities and investment management industry. At the same time they recognize that solutions must be customized to meet individual requirements that may be location or business specific. Its Securities and Investment practice focuses on areas like:
  • Online distribution
  • Trading
  • Order routing and management
  • Straight through processing
  • Risk management and control
  • Equity
  • Bond and derivative analytics
  • Portfolio management
  • Securities database integration
  • Clearing and settlement systems
  • Decimalization