A marketplace has always been a place to meet, conduct business and exchange ideas. Today, an electronic B2B marketplace has all the benefits of its predecessors and many new advantages. Online marketplaces are transforming the business landscape, connecting buyers and suppliers into seamless online communities that reduce costs, increase efficiencies, extend market reach and deliver bottom line savings to all market participants.

CalSoft creates these B2B marketplaces. During the past three years, CalSoft has launched B2B marketplaces that are generating real traffic, real sales and real savings for customers in the financial services, construction, consumer products, logistics, catering and food services industries across the globe.

CalSoft 's solutions bring your trading partners together in an online marketplace that automates mission-critical transactions, lowers costs, and integrates seamlessly with your enterprise systems.

Our Solutions

Unique Solutions
Our solutions are specifically designed to provide the core pieces of functionality that companies are demanding in their e-commerce solutions. Targeted at B2B trading environments, we provide a component-based, flexible solution that can be tailored to your unique needs.

CalSoft 's solutions offer quick time to market, low risk, proven technology, wired and wireless access, scalable functionality and quick time to benefit

We offer pre-configured proven solutions that can be configured to individual clients needs through a flexible Application Service Provider (ASP) model. That means you have access to premium e-business services at competitive prices. As an ASP, CalSoft offers a contractual service for deploying, hosting, integrating, managing, updating, and servicing your marketplace from a centrally managed, secure facility. Through subscription, you have all the advantages of e-commerce without the burden and cost of ownership.

Scalable Functionality
our e-marketplaces are component-based allowing you to add new functionality over time as your needs evolve. A flexible, modular technical design ensures the ability to support various levels of functionality and sophistication to match different business models.

Our state-of-the-art component architecture along with enterprise level technology platforms ensures a flexible, expandable and scalable solution that can be tailored to meet your needs today and in the future.

CalSoft knows that work doesn't always happen at your desk. So we create every CalSoft Marketplace solution as a "hybrid" that offers both wired and wireless access. CalSoft 's wireless solutions combine the power of the Internet with the continuous reach and versatility of wireless communications. Our customers can do business with their suppliers and customers in real-time, no matter where they are.

With nothing more than a mobile phone or PDA, users can be full participants in their Marketplace, placing orders, browsing catalogues or checking shipment status.