The evolution of the Internet has created a new generation of electronic commerce that no organization can afford to ignore. This is based on the open, inter-networked essence of the Internet. It employs network architecture, builds networks of relationships and develops new networked business models.

These networked businesses face a new challenge - they need to exchange and manage content, business processes and transactional data across multiple components. The solution for the networked business is the portal.

The enterprise information portal (EIP) is a concept for a Portal that serves as a single gateway to a company's information and knowledge base for employees, customers, business partners, and the general public as well. Information is classified as per individual rights and interests and personalized with security built-in.

EIP is made up of these elements: access/search, categorization, collaboration, personalization, expertise and profiling, application integration, and security.

EIP Solution Offering at CalSoft
CalSoft's EIP practice comes with varied experience of various verticals and technologies. CalSoft's expertise in ERP, EAI makes them the ideal partner to carry out EIP Implementation. CalSoft can carry out Business Analysis and help you select the right EIP Product. CalSoft's experienced professionals can architect the whole solution for you and carry out implementation and testing smoothly to help you maximize the benefits of EIP.

CalSoft has partnered with Plumtree and has a successful record of implementing Plumtree Corporate Portal at various clients such as Robertson Stephens, Cross Commerce,

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